Harry Ponto

harry ponto

harry ponto

Harry Ponto commenced its carrier as Advocate in 1993. In 1998, Harry has also obtained qualification as Capital Market Legal Consultant and Certified Mediator. Previously, he had the opportunity to work as reporter for one of the newspapers in Jakarta. Harry is known as an Advocate involved in the field of commercial litigation, including derivative transaction and bankruptcy. In non-litigation field, Harry has handled various banking and financial transactions. Indonesia financial crisis in 1997 – 1998 made Harry has sufficient expertise in banking and financial fields as he has helped a number of big group of companies in Indonesia in restructuring their debts.

Although he has known as a corporate lawyer, Harry cannot leave the calling of his heart to conduct pro-bono basis works. From time to time, Harry always gives free legal aids, advocacy and representation to low-income people or to people who has no access to justice. A number of cases that are broad public interest where Harry was involved in, are among other things, subversive case of Democratic People Party (1996 -1997) and Jakarta Stock Exchange bombing in 2001.

Harry obtained his law degree from Law Faculty of University of Pancasila, Jakarta, in 1990, and he further broadened his international business law study in Washington College of Law, the American University, Washington, D.C., United States of America and obtained his LL.M degree in 1994.

In organization field, Harry was active as one of the founders as well as Secretary General of National Management Board of Indonesia Advocates Association (PERADI 2005 -2010). In the Capital Market Legal Consultant Association (Himpunan Konsultan Hukum Pasar Modal – HKHPM), Harry has already been active as member of management since 2000, and now he is one of the Vice President (2009 – 2014). Harry has also been active in the management of Indonesian Bar Association (AAI) as of 1998, and became Vice Secretary General of Central Management Board of AAI (2005 – 2010). Now, Harry is active in International Bar Association (IBA), and as a member of Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) and the Indonesia Association for Legal Aid and Human Rights (PBHI).

The same as Denny Kailimang, Harry is also active as a lecturer. Since 2002, Harry is registered as lecturer for Bankruptcy and Corporate Law at Master of Laws Program of University of Pelita Harapan, Jakarta. Harry has also been active since 2005 in preparing Advocate candidates by lecturing special education for Advocate profession within the region of Indonesia. harry@kailimang-ponto.com

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