Vision and mision

Our objective is to provide practical solution to each problem faced by a client by recognizing and understanding the particular issue that becomes the client’s concern. In rendering the services, we listen thoroughly the problems faced by the client, adopt our legal knowledge and experience and adjust the services we provide with such matters. During our representation as client’s Advocate, we establish a regular communication with the client and inform to client of any development of the case we handle.

To optimize the legal services we render to clients, we have built our Advocate Firm with professional management and we furnish our office with a state-of-the-art library providing access to up to date legal resources and information, including foremost legal issues that are being discussed, judicial decisions, laws and regulations and various precedents. Our office is also well-equipped with technology information support in order that the legal works provided to clients are made available in a punctual time.

Further, in order to provide comprehensive services to clients and to ensure the fulfillment of the clients’ needs satisfactorily, we establish close cooperation with public notaries, tax and business consultants and other experienced and qualified supporting institutions.

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